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I've already shot 10,000+ pictures for my site Club Yurizan and I keep adding new every week!! I love showing off my natural curves and I want nothing but the best for my fans, that's why all my pictures are shot using maximum resolution so that they will be large and crystal clear. Imagine, now you can experience my big boobs in "real life resolution" -- think they will fit your hands?
Softcore / Solo
From shots in the mirror to the classiest of glamor erotica!
Me and other girls together, touching, kissing, tasting and more!
I'm not going to pretend like I know it all, but basically High Definition is a new video format that allows for much more detailed videos not to mention larger resolutions. My highest resolution videos has the same size as a big photo only it's moving. It's pretty crazy to be honest I think you will really like it... you'll be able to see every dirty little detail of my curvy body. Because that is what you really want, isn't it? ;-)
Photos so juicy hot you will be begging for more!
Feel like you're missing something? My members does not ;-)
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